Nicknames, Costumes, and Being in Their Shoes for a Day

Many of us envy the fame and appeal of celebrities; the star treatment, the notoriety, and the fans. If we don’t envy, many of us are intrigued by the attention and support they receive. Then, one night every year most of us dress up as these “stars” for fun and for show. While many argue that Halloween is a get out of jail free card for girls to dress slutty, it offers us an opportunity to get the same attention as those who we dress up as. For one night, we are in their shoes.

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Kicking it With Gym Class Heroes

Matt McGiney is the drummer for the hit punk-rap band Gym Class Heroes, which made its splash on the pop charts with “Cupid’s Chokehold.” After going gold with their first album, Gym Class came back with “The Quilt.” The album features the hit song “Cookie Jar,” with artist The Dream. The band, which came from small town Geneva, NY, began when McGiney and MC Travis McCoy met in gym class. They will rock the stage at Shocktoberfest alongside Shwayze. McGiney caught up with the New University on the road from Atlanta to Illinois.

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