Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Stephanie Weldy

Gender-Bending Beauty Queen

I’m going be totally blunt and honest here. I despise beauty pageants. I remember a few of my childhood friends taking part in what...

Goodbye, Occupy Wall Street

With propulsion and gusto came Kony 2012. It came in the form of a YouTube video, and within the blink of an eye, the campaign was soon gone. Kony 2012 video director, Jason Russell, stripped naked in the streets of San Diego, and soon after, April 20 came and went with few, if any, posted stickers and signs which were to sweep the nation and put Uganda on the map of international awareness.

Student Loans: #DontDoubleMyRates

President Obama is pushing to extend the lowered interest rates on federal student loans and Mitt Romney supports the extension as well. So it’s a win-win situation, right? Not quite. First, let’s delve into the nature of these loan rate extensions.

Occupy Putin and Russia

Vladimir Putin has reared his ugly head yet again, not that it really ever went astray. His presence always loomed over current President Dmitri Medvedev, and it has been highly speculated that Putin never stopped calling the shots.

Professor Hamber Says ‘Buon Giorno’

By Stephanie Weldy Every weekday morning at precisely 8 o’clock, Italian professor Franca Hamber enters her classroom in Humanities Hall with a beaming smile on...

Death of Public Education?

There is nothing more visually striking and expressionistic than art in its many forms, including performance art, which was sprawled before the eyes of UC Irvine students and staff last Wednesday afternoon when a group of students put on a performance on Ring Road in protest against what is being seen as a crime against the public education system in the state of California. On Ring Road, just outside Langson Library, a throng of spectators gazed in amusement and curiosity at a lone student lying facedown on the path who was clad ominously in all black and donning a UCI sweatshirt.

What Makes UCI Unique?

This being only my second quarter at UC Irvine, I’ve made quite the shrewd observation in regards to the student body of this great university. I realized that all those stories and rumors of the different majors possessing their own unique and random quirks and traits apart from one another is actually very true. I came to this conclusion just last week when I was exploring the school attempting to find all of my classes for the new quarter. Being an English and literary journalism double major, I only had classes in the humanities wing last quarter, and all within Humanities Hall.

New Years Resolutions for Anteaters

The new year has arrived, and college students are all probably feeling the same post-holiday blues and agitation in regards to us not being accustomed to writing 2012 on our homework assignments and papers. 2012 is here though, and whether this is our last year on Earth or not, with the looming predictions by Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar, we must continue living our lives here at Irvine.

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