Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Wes Koseki

Always the “Bridesmaids” …

WED: Judd Apatow proves you don’t need a bunch of fat, bearded actors to make his comedy work.

Under the Northern Lights

For many college students, top spring break destinations include Cancun, Miami Beach, Las Vegas – essentially cities where sun is abundant, the beach is prime and bathing suits are the appropriate dress code. Traveling to Fairbanks, Alaska might round out the bottom of this list where temperatures can fluctuate between 30 degrees during the day to below zero at night, beaches are covered in ice and showing some skin would not be the best idea. However, on the morning of March 19, I hopped on a plane headed to Fairbanks, Alaska for my spring break.

A Trip To “Cedar Rapids”

COMEDY: Fresh from his successful role in “The Hangover,” Ed Helms plays the same character here. By Wes Koseki

Careers and Defying Parental Control

Twenty years ago, I entered this world with no idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Sometime after that, I wanted to become a Pokemon master. At age 11, I was waiting for my letter from Hogwarts so I could grow up to be a wizard. Today, I’m working toward a career in journalism. And for some reason, out of all those career dreams, my mother objected to my career as a journalist the most.

“127 Hours” is Worth the Wait

Upon hearing the premise of the film “127 Hours,” one might ask, “How could someone make a decent movie featuring one man and a...

We’re Just Friends, Not Lovers

In a generation where two close guy friends develop their “bromance” and close girl friends call each other sisters, there is one type of...

How to Love Your Dorm

“Abandon all hope ye who enter here” is written on the entrance of Hell in Dante’s “Divine Comedy.” Hopefully that’s not written on the...

The Angels Sing for “Reach”

In November 2001, video game developer Bungie released “Halo: Combat Evolved” exclusively for Xbox. Players took control of the protagonist Master Chief, a faceless...

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