Friday, August 14, 2020

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Whitney Young

UCSA and ASUCI Hope to Overcome Student Voter Apathy for State Pr

Statewide primary elections are once again upon us, giving UC Irvine students another chance to turn away from apathy and uninformed voting and toward a proactive stance on student issues.

A Night of Entertainment and Education

Imagine bringing the best parts of a culture together into a single evening. Imagine the food, dancing and cultural trademarks of Africa in a setting that provokes both the modern and ancient forms of African culture. Imagine yourself at African Culture N

‘The Real World’ Offers Business Insights

'The Real World: Business' came to UC Irvine on Tuesday, April 18. The event was not a visit from an MTV reality show, but the Alliance of Business Students' second annual series of roundtable discussions between industry professionals and business-minded

Students Mad at Grad. Changes

After 20 years of a traditional one-day 12-hour graduation split between the Bren Events Center and Aldrich Park, UC Irvine commencement ceremonies will now take place exclusively in the Bren over three days and require tickets.

Many ‘Faces of Africa’ Filled With Hope

When Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher met in the late 1970s they began a journey across sub-Saharan Africa, envisioning that one day they would create 'a colorful, comprehensive, detailed record of the most important ceremonies that brought African indivi

Americanization ‘Hazardous’ for Health

Recent research sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences revealed not only the possibility of a greater Hispanic population in the labor market and political arenas, but also startling information about the deteriorating health of Hispanic Americans

Hip-Hop With and Without the Hyphen

As Busta Rhymes' and Jermaine Dupri's steady hip-hop beats pulsed in the background, hip-hop hybrid ensembles strutted across the arena while flashes of iconic black artists filled the throbbing lecture hall.

ASUCI Promises to Bring Big-Name Performers With Student Fee In

Contrary to popular belief, students at UC Irvine will have a say in proposed tuition increases for the upcoming academic year. In this Associated Students of UCI elections, students will vote on the Campus Events Referendum, which would implement a $6

‘Office’ Star Carell Exposes Himself

Evan Baxter. Brick Tamland. Michael Scott. Andy Stitzer. The neurotic, backstabbing, awkwardly hilarious characters who have found their way into the hearts of American pop culture worshippers are wonderfully brought to life by comedic actor Steve Carell.

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