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Critical and Curatorial MFA Thesis Exhibition: ‘how to gently unpack an empire’

UCI’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts debuted the Critical and Curatorial MFA Thesis Exhibition, “how to gently unpack an empire,” on April...

Museums Reopening Across SoCal

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit SoCal residents particularly hard for a little over a year. However, with the rise in vaccination rates and...

Deborah Oliver’s ‘Irrational Exhibits’

How do you view art? Do you view it through the screen, on the wall? Does your art touch you? And this isn’t...

Amanda Gorman: A Look at America’s Youngest Inaugural Poet

An estimated 33.8 million audience members viewed Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration and subsequent oath of office on Jan. 20, 2021, making it the...

A Recollection of 2020’s Post-Graduate MFA Thesis Exhibitions

UCI’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts debuted the Post-Graduate MFA Thesis Exhibitions for the Class of 2020 online on Oct. 1. Featuring...

UCI Student Launches Art Business to Support Interchanging Organizations

When Isabella Nazzari witnessed artists of multiple mediums come together in the midst of a growing pandemic, inspiration struck. Nazzari, an artist herself,...

University Art Gallery Showcases “Dirty ELements” by Katherina Olschbaur

UCI’s University Art Gallery presented an exhibit and a lecture by Austrian artist Katherina Olschbaur and showcased art that she crafted three years ago in Austria before coming to the United States.

Ali Wong Gets Up Close And Personal In ‘Dear Girls’

Wong’s distinctly unfiltered voice continues to add a necessary perspective as one of the loudest and boldest Asian American female presences in today’s cultural zeitgeist. As expected, her book will entertain dedicated followers and new fans alike.

“B l u e W a v e”: Lutz Bacher’s Final Exhibition

The University Art Gallery opened its doors for Lutz Bacher’s final multimedia artwork “Blue Wave” on Oct. 5. The artist passed away in May, but the public has an opportunity to see her seven-month project on full display at UCI until Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019.

An Overview of UCI Illuminations’ “Masks of Sri Lanka”

The importance of these masks is not just within the level of detail and care that went into crafting them, but also the faces of those who wore them in illustrative performances.

Reforming The Digitized Experience: MFA Thesis Exhibition explores “Terms of Use”

Shortly after entering the exhibit, an unusual proposition was presented by the Archive of Privatized Experience: volunteer to check in your phone for the duration of your time in the exhibit and get paid.

A Grape Fall Quarter Release

A flock of approximately 40 people filtered into HIB 1030 on Nov. 28 for New Forum’s Fall Release Party.




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