Thursday, July 9, 2020


Twenty One Pilots’ New Single Is Inspired By Social Distancing

With the implementation of the nationwide lockdown, artists have been quickly creating impromptu music and releasing it without too much refinement....

Westside Gunn Paints A Beautifully Gruesome Canvas Of His Life In “Pray for Paris”

East Coast rapper Westside Gunn took audiences on a cruise down the brutal streets of...

Tory Lanez Demands Respect On “The New Toronto 3” As He Flaunts His Wealth, Confidence And Plans For The New Year

“The New Toronto 3” is a decent-to-mediocre album, as Lanez tries his best to develop his rapping skills and prove he can do way more than seduce listeners with his gentle R&B vocals.

Lauv’s “~how i’m feeling~” Introduces Six Sides To The Artist’s Persona

American singer-songwriter Lauv released his debut studio album “~how i’m feeling~” on March 6...

Best Coast’s New Album “Always Tomorrow” Emphasizes Sobriety And Optimism

Indie-rock group Best Coast released their fifth album, “Always Tomorrow,” on Friday, Feb. 21. The band’s lead vocalist and guitarist Bethany...

The Weeknd is Back And More Manic Than Ever

R&B pop artist The Weeknd, released his third promotional single  “After Hours” on Feb 19 in anticipation of his fourth studio...

Moonlight Melodies Presents Love And Positivity On Valentine’s Day Featuring UMI And Jeremy Zucker

Over 4,000 students gathered in Aldrich Park to join R&B artist UMI and pop artist Jeremy Zucker at the first annual...

Green Day’s “Father of All…” Is Spirited And Rebellious, But Nothing New

Often times, bands fail to remain relevant over the course of time, but Green...

Kesha Reconnects With Her Love For Life in New Album “High Road”

“High Road” displays it all, from Kesha’s current party life to her relationship with lovers and potential haters.

Louis Tomlinson’s “Walls” Is Just Another “Wall” Keeping Him From Reaching His Full Potential

In his new album, “Walls,” Louis Tomlinson released music filled with fairytale romance and unoriginal beats, proving that most of his voice as an artist still derives from an outdated sound that was once popular in One Direction.

2020 Grammy Awards: Is The Rap Album Of The Year Truly The Best Rap Album Of The Year?

Between Oct. 1, 2018 and Aug. 31, 2019 — the dates a music product needed to be released by to be eligible for a Grammy nomination —, the public was granted amazing projects from many notable hip-hop artist. Here are the five nominated Grammy albums and whether they are worthy of the title of Best Rap Album of the Year.

Uprooting Myths of Black Womanhood with Brittany L. Proctor, Ph.D

On Jan. 16, visiting professor Brittany L. Proctor Ph.D. gave a talk titled “Sonic Gardens, Black Women's Subjectivity, and the Limits of Genre: Minnie Riperton's Come to My Garden,” in which she analyzed Riperton’s 1970 album “Come to My Garden.” The presentation focused on Riperton’s transition from the psychedelic genre to the popularized fusion sound of the 1970s to display the flourish of black woman creativity and subjectivity.


UCI Student Receives 2020 Strauss Scholarship

UCI junior and cognitive sciences major Karishma Muthukumar has received the 2020 Strauss Scholarship. Provided by the Donald A. Strauss Public Service...

Orange County Moves Into Stage Two of California’s Resilience Roadmap

The City of Irvine announced on May 23 that Orange County had officially been given permission to move into the second stage...

Great Plates Delivery Program Launched in Irvine

The City of Irvine announced their participation in California’s Great Plates Delivery Program on April 24 to support seniors and local businesses...


Orange County: The Shame of California

At a time as critical as this one, the popular saying, “Orange County is the Florida of California” has never felt more...

Artificial Crisis at UCI: Austerity or Humanity? How Disposability Politics Guides the University’s Treatment of Students and Workers

Editor's Note: This article has been updated with links to resources for Student-Worker Week of Action, USASUCI and the BSU at UCI.

Expressing Change Through Art: Black Lives Matter Hollywood Peaceful Protests

It’s been a revolutionary week in modern day America, as the people in this nation...


UCI Men’s Basketball Player Tommy Rutherford Laments Abrupt End To Season

On game days, UCI Men’s Basketball senior Tommy Rutherford eats breakfast at around eight or nine in the morning, begins his stretches in the weight room, shoots around and grabs a balanced pre-game meal that consists of carbs, protein and some veggies. He prepares for the game by going over the film of the opposing team and discussing the team’s game plan with his coaches and teammates. Sometimes he allows himself to take a nap and takes about an hour more for shooting around. When all his ritualistic pre-game preparations are over, his team has their warm-up time on the court. Finally, it’s time to play basketball.

Letter From The Sports Editors: Changes In The Sports Section Due To COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic occurring, it is evident that live sporting events are in a hiatus during this time. There...

COVID-19’s Effect On Sports

The day began like any ordinary day at UCI on Tuesday, March 10.

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