Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Louis Tomlinson’s “Walls” Is Just Another “Wall” Keeping Him From Reaching His Full Potential

In his new album, “Walls,” Louis Tomlinson released music filled with fairytale romance and unoriginal beats, proving that most of his voice as an artist still derives from an outdated sound that was once popular in One Direction.

“Seasons” Docu-Series begins a new era for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber collaborated with YouTube to release a documentary titled “Seasons” on Jan. 27. With only a portion of the episodes currently released, viewers wonder what the first several episodes will reveal about the Canadian singer-songwriter.

Neil Simon’s “Lost in Yonkers” Finds Its Way Into Audience’s Hearts

The Costa Mesa Playhouse started the year off right with a production of Neil Simon’s “Lost in Yonkers.” The story takes place in Yonkers, New York in 1942, depicting the dilemmas of a dysfunctional family during World War II.

University Art Gallery Showcases “Dirty ELements” by Katherina Olschbaur

UCI’s University Art Gallery presented an exhibit and a lecture by Austrian artist Katherina Olschbaur and showcased art that she crafted three years ago in Austria before coming to the United States.

2020 Grammy Awards: Is The Rap Album Of The Year Truly The Best Rap Album Of The Year?

Between Oct. 1, 2018 and Aug. 31, 2019 — the dates a music product needed to be released by to be eligible for a Grammy nomination —, the public was granted amazing projects from many notable hip-hop artist. Here are the five nominated Grammy albums and whether they are worthy of the title of Best Rap Album of the Year.

Uprooting Myths of Black Womanhood with Brittany L. Proctor, Ph.D

On Jan. 16, visiting professor Brittany L. Proctor Ph.D. gave a talk titled “Sonic Gardens, Black Women's Subjectivity, and the Limits of Genre: Minnie Riperton's Come to My Garden,” in which she analyzed Riperton’s 1970 album “Come to My Garden.” The presentation focused on Riperton’s transition from the psychedelic genre to the popularized fusion sound of the 1970s to display the flourish of black woman creativity and subjectivity.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Review

It has been nearly 13 years since the original “High School Musical” movies took the world by storm and became one...

Mac Miller’s ‘Circles’ Is The Perfect Ending To A Discography Full Of Growth And Heartbreak

“Well, this is what it looks like right before you fall” are the first words seeped out of Mac Miller’s mouth on the opening track of his sixth studio album “Circles,” as it perfectly sets the theme for the rest of the album.

Meeting Halsey’s “Manic” Mind For The First Time

Halsey has always been a storyteller. Now, for the first time, she's telling her own story.

The Stolen Truth of NikkieTutorials

The beauty blogger came out to her 13 Million “Glow Babies” as a transgender woman who fully transitioned while growing her following on YouTube over the last 11 years.

Selena Gomez Reminds Us How “Rare” She Is

“Rare” covers everything from her love life to her relationship with social media, but overall, it focuses on her journey to self-love and acceptance with a new chill pop sound that matches this mood.

The Lesson Behind Cretton’s “Just Mercy”

Walter McMillian was arrested for the murder of an 18-year-old girl and was immediately sent to Alabama’s death row before his trial in 1987. When he finally received a trial, it took less than two days to convict him and officially sentence him. Without the dedication of lawyer Bryan Stevenson, his story would have ended there. Now, it has been adapted into a legal drama film.


Messages Reveal Alleged Misconduct From ASUCI Senate Members And ASUCI Associate Justice

The Office of the Student Advocate General released the evidence against ASUCI Senate Parliamentarian and Judicial Board Associate Justice Kimo Gandall and...

First COVID-19 Death In Orange County

Orange County officials reported the county's first death due to COVID-19 on March 24. The individual was a man in his 70s...

Undergraduate Creates Brave Spaces Program To Empower Students

Brave Spaces, a year long course, seeks for students to share their narrative through digital storytelling. The student initiated program was created...


The World Should Learn From Taiwan In Fighting The COVID-19 Crisis

If the world learns from anyone about how to handle the COVID-19 crisis, it should learn from Taiwan. Despite its close proximity...

Letter From The Managing Editor: Addressing Faulty Assumptions Made By The ASUCI Senate Parliamentarian

Usually a letter of this nature comes from the Editor-In-Chief, but given that the Editor-In-Chief is the reporter in this situation, this...

Chancellor Gillman, It’s Time To Cancel Class

Editor’s Note: Today, March 10, UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman released an email stating that UCI will be transitioning to a remote learning...


COVID-19’s Effect On Sports

The day began like any ordinary day at UCI on Tuesday, March 10.

UCI Men’s Basketball Suffers Defeat To CSUN 72-70 On Senior Night

The UC Irvine Men’s Basketball team lost to the Cal State Northridge Matadors in their final regular season game ending 72-70 at...

UCI Men’s Volleyball Defeats Grand Canyon University In Four Sets

No. 7 UCI Men’s Volleyball team defeated No. 8 Grand Canyon University Antelopes, 3-1 (25-17, 25-23, 24-26, 25-18) on Feb. 28 at...

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