Monday, November 23, 2020
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Once Through UCI

Perhaps you've heard it too

‘Chicken and Beer’

'Chicken and Beer' will be the music industry's third helping of Ludacris' Southern hospitality.

West African Drums Echo Throughout the Barclay Theatre

Colorful costumes, exuberant dancing, energetic performances and skilled musicians make for fantastic entertainment on a Friday night. The Drummers o

Student-Friendly Movie Theater Located Across the Street

For the freshmen out-of-staters and anyone else who has spent the weekend in Irvine, there has come a point in time when one asks, 'Isn't there anythi

Clooney and Zeta-Jones Tolerate Cruelty

Love and money have long been blamed as catalysts by which the most level-headed and composed individuals can suddenly turn into foolish and distraugh

The ‘Matrix’-esque ‘Returner’ is Action Packed

According to the official press release, ''Returner' combines the hyper real action of 'The Matrix' with the futurism of 'Minority Report.'' These com

Tough as nails, solid as a Rock

Many women will spend the majority of their lives searching for the perfect man. In most cases the ideal characteristics include tall, strong and hand

Mozart Classical Orchestra Speaks the Universal Language of Music

The Mozart Classical Orchestra sat patiently as conductor Ami Porat sauntered out nonchalantly, despite being greeted by a roar of applause that rung

Rowland Fulfills Her Acting and Singing Destiny

In the course of Kelly Rowland's 22 years, she has experienced more than most people experience in a lifetime. From Grammy awards to multi-platinum re

The Artist in the Ambulance Makes Thrice

Four humble guys in touch with reality

‘The Rundown’ Rocks Theaters

Are you in the mood to sit down in front of a deep, thought-provoking film? Do you want to walk out of the theater just trying to comprehend the delic


Orange County Announces Plan For At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits

The Orange County Board of Supervisors announced plans to distribute at-home testing kits for COVID-19 on Nov. 17, partnering with Ambry Genetics...

UC Student Association on the Failure of Proposition 16

The UC Student Association (UCSA) released a press statement addressing the failure of Proposition 16 on Nov. 4. The statement, which was...

UCI Center for Medical Humanities Hosts “Alternatives to Animal Testing,” Featuring Dr. Donald Ingber

The UCI Center for Medical Humanities held “Alternatives to Animal Testing,” a discussion featuring Donald Ingber, founding director of the Wyss Institute...


Free Britney From Her Father’s Control

Britney Spears has been a staple of pop culture since the 1990s — first appearing in “The Mickey Mouse Club” when she...

Biden’s Climate Plan: A Good Start, But Not A Great Finish

Biden’s climate change plan is a departure from the current U.S. administration’s plan of climate skepticism and pro-fossil fuel stance

Reminder: Biden Won, but the Country Is Still in Shambles.

There will be a point where we think that all of the work needed to ensure a successful Biden presidency is done. We will be wrong.


Women’s Tennis: A Glimpse Into Their Season During the Nationwide COVID-19 Pandemic

The UCI’s Women’s Tennis team reunited and held their first practice on Monday, Oct. 19, meeting again for the first time in...

NBA 2K21: Give it a Shot?

With another basketball season set in motion, 2K Sports has released their next annual installment of their popular NBA 2K series, a...

UCI Athletes Stress the Importance of Inclusivity and Voting in the Anteater Voices for Change Initiative

The UCI Athletics Department contributed to its ongoing commitment for racial justice, equality and inclusion through the Anteaters Voices for Change (AVC)...

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