Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Ballet Pacifica Presents ‘Project Synergy’

It's not everyday that we come across the word 'synergy' and it is certainly not everyday that we acquire an opportunity to witness such a symbolicall

MTV Holds Open Casting Call in Anaheim

Do you think you've got what it takes to be on MTV's 'The Real World' or 'Road Rules'?

Texas Chainsaw Massacres Theaters

There's a gimmick at work in New Line Cinema's impressive remake of the cult horror classic 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' a gimmick so subtle and une

Student-Friendly Movie Theater Located Across the Street

For the freshmen out-of-staters and anyone else who has spent the weekend in Irvine, there has come a point in time when one asks, 'Isn't there anythi

Clooney and Zeta-Jones Tolerate Cruelty

Love and money have long been blamed as catalysts by which the most level-headed and composed individuals can suddenly turn into foolish and distraugh

The ‘Matrix’-esque ‘Returner’ is Action Packed

According to the official press release, ''Returner' combines the hyper real action of 'The Matrix' with the futurism of 'Minority Report.'' These com

‘Chicken and Beer’

'Chicken and Beer' will be the music industry's third helping of Ludacris' Southern hospitality.

West African Drums Echo Throughout the Barclay Theatre

Colorful costumes, exuberant dancing, energetic performances and skilled musicians make for fantastic entertainment on a Friday night. The Drummers o

Tough as nails, solid as a Rock

Many women will spend the majority of their lives searching for the perfect man. In most cases the ideal characteristics include tall, strong and hand

Mozart Classical Orchestra Speaks the Universal Language of Music

The Mozart Classical Orchestra sat patiently as conductor Ami Porat sauntered out nonchalantly, despite being greeted by a roar of applause that rung

Rowland Fulfills Her Acting and Singing Destiny

In the course of Kelly Rowland's 22 years, she has experienced more than most people experience in a lifetime. From Grammy awards to multi-platinum re


‘Astro Boy:’ The Turning Point of Manga and Anime

UCI Libraries hosted a Zoom webinar in light of the growing collection of manga and anime in their 30 year anniversary of...

New Allegations Surface Regarding Impeached ASUCI Judge Kimo Gandall

New allegations are being made regarding Kimo Gandall, one of the ASUCI judges listed in the recent petition written with the goal...

Persisting Inequalities and Paths Forward: The State of Undocumented Students in California’s Public Universities

Representatives from the UC Collaborative to Promote Immigrant and Student Equity (UC PromISE) and the Undocumented Student Equity Project (USEP) discussed results...


Banning Simps Won’t Get Rid of Harrasment On Twitch

Twitch, a popular video live streaming platform, is a hub for all gamers where they can make connections with their audience and...

A New Way to Look at Cancel Culture

“Cancel culture,” or call-out culture, is a term that has gained a lot of traction these past few years. New York Times...

Why California Must Reinvest in the UC System

On July 1, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state Legislature instituted a $300.8 million budget cut to the University of California...


NFL Blows 10 Month Lead to COVID-19

The beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in March marked a sudden end to youth, collegiate and professional sports mid-season, either suspending or...

Joshua Lane’s Sports Journey During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Joshua Lane, aged 18, imagined his senior year of high school to go the opposite way it ended. Throughout...

Anteaters Win in Clutch Time, 62-60, Against the Highlanders

UCI Women’s Basketball beat the UC Riverside Highlanders, 62-60, with a comeback in the final seconds of their non-conference game at the...

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