Friday, July 10, 2020
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Podcast Popularity Soars Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

The podcast business is booming as thousands of shows have been providing a great deal of entertainment amidst the stay at...

If You’re An “Office” Fan, You Have To Listen To The “Office Ladies” Podcast

“Office” fans should not miss out on this brand new podcast featuring “Office” co-stars and real-life best friends, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. The co-stars did the ultimate recap podcast in which they break down each episode of “The Office” and bring fans behind-the-scenes.

Take A Look: “The Weekly Planet”

By Yanit Mehta With an intro soundtrack that begins with “red hot comic book movie news shoot em up your butthole”, the immensely Australian...

“S-Town” and the Binge Podcasting Revolution

By Kevin Barnum At first glance, the podcasts "S-Town," released in March, and "Serial," first released in 2014, seem to have much in common....

iTunes U: The Lectures You Need, a Vendor You know

Technology is rapidly catching up to the frenetic (and often apathetic) student lifestyle.

A Wave of New Sounds: The Double Life of a KUCI DJ and UCI Student

On a chilly Friday morning Christina Nersesian met me in the parking lot with a phone in her hand and a smile on...

KUCI Moves Locations Across Campus

At the bottom of the Middle Earth hill, next to the Engineering Interim Classrooms, it looks as though the KUCI radio station has been buried by tons

KUCI Deejays Are Dedicated to Broadcasting Around the Clock

Most students know UCI has its own radio station and have probably even listened to it at least once. But there are less who know the station's locat

KUCI: More Than Music and Appliances

There are few instances where one might witness a clothes dryer parading down Ring Road. But thanks to KUCI, UCI's student radio station, during Welco


UCI Student Receives 2020 Strauss Scholarship

UCI junior and cognitive sciences major Karishma Muthukumar has received the 2020 Strauss Scholarship. Provided by the Donald A. Strauss Public Service...

Orange County Moves Into Stage Two of California’s Resilience Roadmap

The City of Irvine announced on May 23 that Orange County had officially been given permission to move into the second stage...

Great Plates Delivery Program Launched in Irvine

The City of Irvine announced their participation in California’s Great Plates Delivery Program on April 24 to support seniors and local businesses...


Orange County: The Shame of California

At a time as critical as this one, the popular saying, “Orange County is the Florida of California” has never felt more...

Artificial Crisis at UCI: Austerity or Humanity? How Disposability Politics Guides the University’s Treatment of Students and Workers

Editor's Note: This article has been updated with links to resources for Student-Worker Week of Action, USASUCI and the BSU at UCI.

Expressing Change Through Art: Black Lives Matter Hollywood Peaceful Protests

It’s been a revolutionary week in modern day America, as the people in this nation...


UCI Men’s Basketball Player Tommy Rutherford Laments Abrupt End To Season

On game days, UCI Men’s Basketball senior Tommy Rutherford eats breakfast at around eight or nine in the morning, begins his stretches in the weight room, shoots around and grabs a balanced pre-game meal that consists of carbs, protein and some veggies. He prepares for the game by going over the film of the opposing team and discussing the team’s game plan with his coaches and teammates. Sometimes he allows himself to take a nap and takes about an hour more for shooting around. When all his ritualistic pre-game preparations are over, his team has their warm-up time on the court. Finally, it’s time to play basketball.

Letter From The Sports Editors: Changes In The Sports Section Due To COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic occurring, it is evident that live sporting events are in a hiatus during this time. There...

COVID-19’s Effect On Sports

The day began like any ordinary day at UCI on Tuesday, March 10.

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