Wednesday, December 1, 2021


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Fires Contribute to Global Warming

New research findings from James Randerson, a professor of Earth Systems Science, and colleagues from other research institutes suggest the impact fro

New Research Center Promotes Diversity Among Minorities

Tremendous growth describes the newly named School of Information and Computer Science.

California Primary Elections Held This March

Wesley Clark and Howard Dean are currently the arguable front-runners for the Democratic Party's presidential nominations. Clark, Dean or another candidate that wins the...

News in Brief

U-Pass Kickoff Event to Promote Free Bus Access On Jan. 22, the UCI Alternative Parking Transportation Program will host a kickoff event on Ring Mall

Governor Proposes Major Cuts for UC

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a $372 million cut in funding to the University of California which will result in dramatic fee increases for stu

Conservative Students Form New Discussion Group

After resigning from the position of vice president of the College Republicans, Erica Harpster, a fifth-year ICS major, along with colleague Ryan Myki

Graduate School of Management Offers Minor in Accounting

In response to the needs and wishes of UCI students, beginning this fall the Graduate School of Management will offer an undergraduate minor in accoun

Palo Verde Construction Proves Burdensome for Residents

For most graduate students like Nathalie Carrick, living in Palo Verde is the most affordable and pleasant housing option available in Irvine.

TA’s and UC Sign New Contract

After nearly six months of contract negotiations and tense standoffs, members of UAW Local 2865 overwhelmingly approved a new contract with the Univer

California Primary Elections Held This March

Candidates for the upcoming presidential election on Nov. 2 are dependent on the results of presidential primary elections, held at the state level to

News in Brief

UC Irvine Police Officer Dies After Heart Attack UC Irvine police officer Stephen Smith passed away on Jan. 6, 2004 from a heart attack that he suffe

ASUCI Announces the Results of Recent Elections

At their weekly Tuesday meeting, ASUCI announced a full council complete with seven new members of the legislative council. With the largest voter t