Monday, December 6, 2021


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‘Does God Exist?’ Stirs Debate at UCI

Hundreds of students, faculty and other members of the UCI community crowded outside the Irvine Barclay Theatre Nov. 20 in eager anticipation of the d

News in Brief

Representative of ASUCI Protests IAC's High Prices Ben Thiang, ASUCI fair housing campaign manager, staged a protest on Nov. 18 to fight against the

Comprehensive Review Evaluates More Than SATs

Chair of UC Regents John Moores recently claimed that students with SAT scores below 1,000 'don't have any business' attending University of Californi

UCI’s Stolen Anteater Recovered at Crawford Hall

To the relief of the UC Irvine community, especially ASUCI and the athletics department, UCI's giant inflatable anteater was anonymously returned unha

UCI’s NACS Protects Campus Network from PC Viruses

To prevent the spread of viruses on campus, the Network and Academic Computing Service department at UCI has blocked computers on the UCI network that

Starbucks Brews Literacy Program

In 1993, two college students from Yale University came up with the simple idea of engaging young people in service to work towards combating illitera

ASUCI Launches New Forum

The ASUCI Office of the President launched its first ever Anteater Leadership Forum on Nov. 13 in order to promote open communication and collaborati

News in Brief

Social Science and Criminology Merge At UCI Conference UCI's nationally recognized faculty in criminology, law and society held a conference entitled

Organizations Seek to Lower the High Cost of U.S. Texbooks

A recent study compiled by the California Student Public Interest Research Group, or CALPIRG, discovered that students polled at UCI spend an average

Strikers Move to Convenience Shoppers

Nearly a month after union leaders called a strike against the three largest super market chains, there appears to be no end in a sight for compromise

Huffington Speaks at UCI as Part of the Rainbow Festival

Arianna Huffington, the keynote speaker of the 19th annual Rainbow Festival, captured her audience's attention by addressing problems within the Ameri

Recent Fires Affect UCI Community

Nearly after two weeks of persistent fire fighting efforts, nearly all the wildfires in Southern California have been contained. The wildfires were in