Thursday, May 26, 2022


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School of Management Offers Students Money to Invest

What better way to invest in the stock market than to do it with someone else's money? Students in UCI's Graduate School of Management will have the

University Decides to Extend Contract With Nuclear Laboratory

The University of California decided on Jan. 30 to extend its contract with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for one more year. The Berkeley

News in Brief

Jill Beck is Named President of Liberal Arts College On Jan. 26, professor of dance and former dean of the Claire Trevor School of the Arts Jill Beck

UCSA Asks the California Supreme Court to Stop Budget Cuts

The University of California Student Association, along with individual students and several grassroots organizations including Californians for Justi

Debate Held on U.S. Foreign Policy

In more recent times, the topic of the United States' involvement in international affairs has generated many different viewpoints and heated debates.

Belafonte Preaches Racial Tolerance

Singer, actor, writer, producer and activist Harry Belafonte addressed complex racial issues during the 20th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sympos

Cheerleaders Return to the Court

Several cheerleaders resumed their posts at Saturday's women's basketball game one week after going on strike. Cheerleaders enrolled as full-time UCI

Vandalized Mural Found in Trash

Board shards and a PVC frame were all that were left of a mural displayed by the Tagalog and Pilipino Studies collective, when members found it next t

News in Brief

CALPIRG to Hold Press Conference on Textbook Prices The California Public Interest Research Goup will hold a press conference on Jan. 29 in front of

California Primary Elections Held This March

Wesley Clark and Howard Dean are currently the arguable front-runners for the Democratic Party's presidential nominations. Clark, Dean or another candidate that wins the...

News in Brief

U-Pass Kickoff Event to Promote Free Bus Access On Jan. 22, the UCI Alternative Parking Transportation Program will host a kickoff event on Ring Mall

Governor Proposes Major Cuts for UC

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed a $372 million cut in funding to the University of California which will result in dramatic fee increases for stu