Monday, May 25, 2020
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Tough Love Isn’t So Tough Afterall

As we embark upon the first week of classes, most of us will contemplate the appropriate balance between school and everything that is not school.

The Recording Industry Can’t Stop Downloads

Who knew that when 19-year-old Shawn Fanning came up with the idea for Napster in 1998, he was also initiating a dramatic battle between music fans a

At Least You Have Your Health

It is more precious than gold. It is more beautiful than the goddess Venus in her ripest year. It is more powerful than our radiant sun. It is your he

‘Violence’ and the Liberals Who Deal With Them

Liberals condemn the war against terrorism by portraying it as just as evil as terrorism itself. They do this by shoving both terrorism and self-defen

The War is Not a ‘Miserable Failure’

Coalition forces have fought for freedom in both Iraq and Afghanistan over the past year and a half. Many of these brave soldiers are college-aged peo

Californians Are Better Off With Davis in Office

More often than not, people are laughing about the California recall election instead of debating the issues and the candidates. In just a few months,


Irvine City Council Votes In Favor Of Extending Emergency Measures Related To COVID-19

The Irvine City Council voted in favor of extending the length of the existing executive orders and emergency resolutions as well as...

What Has California Been Doing to Address COVID-19?

California has implemented a number of measures aimed at protecting residents of the state and responding to the economic impact of the...

Nonprofits in Orange County Look to find Donations and Volunteers

Southern California nonprofit organizations are struggling to find donations and volunteers to support the increasing need for aid during the quarantine. 


UCI’s Dance Department Hosts Their First Online Performance

May 14 would’ve marked the opening night of UCI Dance Department’s annual undergraduate choreography showcase, “Physical Graffiti.” The shift to remote rehearsals...

UCI Student’s Short Film, ‘Overcast’ Sees Great Success at Festivals

While the graduating class of 2020 faces a lot of uncertainty, one UCI senior will be leaping into his future career with...

“Fetch the Bolt Cutters,” A Perfect Pitchfork 10 and Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

It’s been eight long years since Fiona Apple released her last album “The Idler Wheel,” but she wasted no time pushing for...


Letter From The Sports Editors: Changes In The Sports Section Due To COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic occurring, it is evident that live sporting events are in a hiatus during this time. There...

COVID-19’s Effect On Sports

The day began like any ordinary day at UCI on Tuesday, March 10.

UCI Men’s Basketball Suffers Defeat To CSUN 72-70 On Senior Night

The UC Irvine Men’s Basketball team lost to the Cal State Northridge Matadors in their final regular season game ending 72-70 at...

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