Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Palestinians’ Future Relies on Downfall of Arafat

It has always frustrated me to find fliers and advertisements attached to my car via my windshield wipers.

Letters to the Editor

Root of All Evil Eugene Suh, the author of 'Root of All Evil: Oil, Money, Religion or Us?' (Oct. 3) claims that America is the root of all evil. Suh

Vandalism of School Paper Uncalled For

Throughout the world, young people protest that their voices aren't truly heard. They believe that their opinions aren't given the weight that they

European v. American Universities

Hi, Anteaters! Nobody would say something like that in my country: I studied in three different universities in Europe (mainly in Italy) and so, since

Fad Five: Mainstreaming of Homosexuality

That's right, kids, forget the up-and-coming metal/emo bands on KROQ and the newest Abercrombie & Fitch line taken straight out of 'The OC'

The Root of All Evil: Oil, Money, Religion or Us?

Oil: the root of all evil, or is it? It has caused the capitalist swine, known as America, to propagate war with Middle Eastern countries.

Letters to the Editor

Responses to Editorial

A Little Californian Rebellion: Davis Needs to be Ousted

'I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical,' thus Thomas Jeffe

Letters to the Editor

In the article 'Bake Sale Deemed Discriminatory,' Adeli Duron of M.E.Ch.A. purported to speak for the Latino community as a single entity when stating

Actions Toward Bake Sale Justifiable

On Sept. 25 the College Republicans hosted a satirical bake sale in order to promote the abolishment of Affirmative Action and to encourage students t

Dorm Security Cause for Alarm

Campus security is a very real concern for UCI

The Old Tale of Defenseless Man vs. Toilet

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling remarkably suave and sophisticated as I sit purposefully before my keyboard. So today's topic will be overflow




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