Kobe Bryant: An Italian Icon

“Ciao Kobe!,” yelled Luca Piazza, an Italian living in Orange County.

“Tutto apposto!?,” Kobe Bryant responded. He smiled as he asked if he was doing alright while stretching his hand toward Piazza.

“Sì, sì tutto apposto!,” Piazza said that everything was alright and shook Bryant’s hand.

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Remembering Kobe Bryant: The Man Who Made the Earth Stand Still

January 26, 2020 — Just like any other day, people woke up that Sunday and went about their weekly routine. Whether that was catching up on homework, running errands or even just relaxing from a long week of school or work.
However, this Sunday felt off from the start. An overcast loomed over Southern California that made it feel different. Maybe not for everyone, as people were too busy being caught up with their own lives. This sort of routine is what makes people forget what it truly means to appreciate something before it is gone forever. Before it vanishes from reality itself.

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