Thursday, October 1, 2020

Meet The Editors!

Oriana Gonzalez


I first became involved with the New University in January 2018, when I became an intern for the opinion section, and I’ve been working with the newspaper ever since. My experience at the New University is one of the most memorable in my college career, and I’m very excited to see what the future is going to bring to this newspaper!

Jane Hagen

Managing Editor

I became a staff member of the New University at the start of winter quarter of my first year (around January 2018). I enjoy working for the New University because I have liked and participated in journalism for many years. I have a respect for news organizations and I value their function in our society, so I want to contribute to creating a credible media by helping to cultivate the next generation of reporters.

Sydney Charles

Campus News Editor

I’ve been a part of the New University team since December 2017. I thoroughly enjoy working with the New University because it has helped me learn and appreciate the beauty of showcasing society’s diversity, including the challenges and differences therein. Reporting and writing gives me the opportunity to give back to the community in a tangible and meaningful way.

Christina Acevedo

Campus News Editor

I became involved with the New University during the spring quarter of my first year. Since then, I have loved writing for the New U because of the unique perspective that it gives me into student life.

Chelsea Pan

City News Editor

I started as a staff writer for the New University in winter quarter of 2018, and now serve as a City News Editor. I’ve found my niche in news writing, and I value publishing honest, well-researched, and unbiased content. The New University is a community bonded by creativity and expression, and it’s been an honor to work alongside such a passionate and dedicated news team.

Michelle Cornelius

City News Editor

I have been involved in New U since September 2018. I’ve had the chance to work with a wonderful and expressive community and learn about the school and OC news as a contributing writer and now as City News Co-Editor. I’m looking forward to providing thoughtful information this year.

Lauren Knight

Arts & Entertainment Editor

I started at New University as an Arts & Entertainment intern in January 2019, moving to a staff writer in Spring and now joining the Editorial Board in Fall! The opportunities the NewU has granted me during my time here make our publication so unique, and I always look forward to seeing how it continues to evolve.

Delia Cruz Kelly

Arts & Entertainment Editor

I joined the New University staff fall quarter of my freshman year. Since then I’ve been a staff writer, intern, and section editor. Running the Arts & Entertainment section has given me the opportunity to be inspired by all forms of creative expression here on campus, from plays to concerts to poetry!

Henry Curi

Sports Editor

I am a fourth year journalism major focusing on all things sports. I started off with the New U as an intern back in my third year and worked up to taking a lead role by becoming the sports editor for the organization. I cover all athletics and follow the university’s success in Division 1 competition, keeping students and the general audience up to date with the Anteater’s trial for glory. I have traveled to San Jose, CA to cover the men’s basketball team’s games for March Madness, reporting on their first tournament win in school history. Along with that, I constantly produce content that allows the audience to see that UCI athletics is going up the ranks and should be considered as teams to beat on the national level.

Christina Reyes

Sports Editor

This upcoming school year, 2019-2020, will be my first year as a member of the new University and as one of the editors for the sports section. I take tremendous pride in being able to cover a section of student life that I find dear to my heart, being an athlete myself (UCI Women’s Water polo). I am now entering my third year at UCI as a double major in English and Literary Journalism while also pursuing my long lived dreams of being a collegiate athlete, therefore, one can assume one of my top priorities this year is to cover as many sports events on campus as possible.

Nicolas Perez

Opinion Editor

I got started in journalism last year as a news intern for KUCI 88.9FM and have since joined New University as one of the Opinion editors. I’m really excited to see the sort of impact we can make on campus through the opinion section.

Jin Hee Park

Opinion Editor

I joined the New University in the Spring of 2019 as an intern and I am now one of the Opinion editors for the upcoming school year! The New University has given me and many other students the opportunity to showcase the diverse voices of UCI. I hope to continue uplifting the stories and voices of my peers in years to come.

Ryan Mikeala Nguyen

Copy Editor

I joined the New University team during Fall Quarter 2018. I am excited to continue to provide news to the campus community through my passion of copy-editing! It is an honor to be part of an established network of writers.

Jay Sandoval

Copy Editor

I became involved with the New U as a Copy intern in Fall of 2018. I then became a staff writer Winter of 2019 and have written articles about the commercialization of Latinx holidays as well as Mexican hegemony. I use they/them pronouns.

Katherine Rutz-Robbins

Photography Editor

2019 is my second year as the Photo Editor for New University. I enjoy being able to capture the greatest moments on campus though photography and working with the New U team to showcase those moments in both pictures and words has been very special.

Yihan (Marlene) Wang

Photography Editor

I am an incoming photo editor starting from Fall 2019. I’m excited to put my passion for photography into the real work for the New University! I can’t wait to spend my time working with the team members and to capture those meaningful moments that happen around the campus every day.

Nicolas Gutierrez

Social Media Manager

As Social Media Manager, my goal is to give others a platform to share their writing and stories with as many people as possible. I enjoy working for the New University because it is a newspaper by the students for the students; therefore, by being part of a team that shares their perspectives through their writing, I am able to work towards achieving my goal.

Ingrid Allen

Social Media Manager

I am the co-manager of New University’s social media and marketing channels alongside Nicolas Guiterrez. This is my first year with New University and I have been enjoying the opportunity to grow my skills in the media field and get to know other motivated journalists and photographers.

Alexis Cormier

Graphic Design Manager

I became an official member of the New U in 2018 as the Graphic Design Manager! I always enjoyed writing pieces for the paper whenever I could! As a Literary Journalism major, writing is one of my passions! Working for the New U is an amazing way for our student body to stay informed, be connected and use their voice.

Sydney Marie Huang

Graphic Design Manager

I became a member of the New University staff this year as a graphic design manager. I am very excited to work closely with other members of the paper and to use graphic design to illustrate different stories New University publish. As an incoming member of New University, I look forward to challenging myself and growing as both an individual and a graphic designer.

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