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Caitlin Antonios — Editor-in-Chief:

I was lucky enough to get involved with the New U my fall quarter of my freshman year. It’s been one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences at UCI. The people I’ve met and what I’ve learned in the past four years will stay with me forever.


Ashley Duong — Managing Editor:
I’ve had the great opportunity to work as part of the New U all four years of my UCI career. Being part of our student paper has not only given me valuable work and journalistic experience but has also connected me to the campus and my peers in a way I would not be otherwise. The New U has been my home and my family and without a doubt, will be the most memorable experience of my time as an Anteater.


Hunter Hermanson — Sports Editor: 
I became a part of the New University in the Fall of 2017; I love getting a chance to let people know how kick-butt our school is, specifically our awesome athletics programs. Having an outlet where students can learn about their school and take pride in the institution they attend is an invaluable part of assuring UCI maintains its position as a prestigious University.


Skyler Romero — Copy Editor:

I started as Arts and Entertainment intern for the paper winter quarter of my junior year, and a staff writer the following quarter. I love working for the New U because it gives me the opportunity to continue to grow as a writer and a journalist. It’s also great working with a team of talented people who share my enthusiasm for journalism and quality reporting.


Jacob La Cava — Copy Editor:

This is upcoming year will be my first year as a member of the New University. Working for the New U is like working with family, we are constantly helping and encouraging each other. Everything is much more enjoyable in an environment like that.


Sydney Charles — Campus News Editor:

I’ve been a part of the New University team since December 2017. I thoroughly enjoy working with the New University because it has helped me learn and appreciate the beauty of showcasing society’s diversity, including the challenges and differences therein. Reporting and writing gives me the opportunity to give back to the community in a tangible and meaningful way.


Ashley Alvarez — Campus News Editor:

I’ve been a part of the New University team since October 2017. Working for the paper, I have the privilege of recognizing and acknowledging campus affairs and student accomplishments.


Jane Hagen — City News Editor:

I became a staff member of the New University at the start of winter quarter of my first year (around January 2018). I enjoy working for the New University because I have liked and participated in journalism for many years. I have a respect for news organizations and I value their function in our society, so I want to contribute to creating a credible media by helping to cultivate the next generation of reporters.


Chelsea Pan — City News Editor:

I started as a staff writer for the New University in winter quarter of 2018, and now serve as a City News Editor. I’ve found my niche in news writing, and I value publishing honest, well-researched, and unbiased content. The New University is a community bonded by creativity and expression, and it’s been an honor to work alongside such a passionate and dedicated news team.


Isaac Espinosa — Opinions Editor:

I started writing for the New U in 2016. It’s a great way to keep up to date on currents and lets me express my love for journalism on a regular basis.


Brooke Morris — Opinions Editor:

I wrote my first article for the New University in Spring of 2018 and will begin working as the Opinion editor for the 2018-2019 school year. I love the sense of community and collaboration in this team, and I can’t wait to work with them to begin a new chapter for the paper. Although I’ve just started, I feel connected and committed to the New U and the team!


Yanit Mehta — Arts and Entertainment Editor:

I joined the New U staff team at the beginning of my freshman year in 2016. The New U is a media platform where students have the ability to broadcast their opinion. It’s the main avenue for the students at UCI to probe deeper and ask questions. From starting off as News intern to now being Arts and Entertainment Editor, I’ve had the opportunity to partake in essentially every facet of the UCI student life is because of the New University.


Delia Cruz-Kelly — Arts and Entertainment Editor:

I joined the New University staff my 1st year and after being a contributing writer I took the next step to become an Arts & Entertainment intern which led me to this editor position. Working for the New University has given me the opportunity to be inspired by all forms of creative expression here on campus, from plays to concerts to poetry!


Nicolas Gutierrez — Social Media Manager:

As an incoming Social Media Manager, my goal is to give others a platform to share their writing and stories with as many people as possible. I enjoy working for the New University because it is a newspaper by the students for the students; therefore, by being part of a team that shares their perspectives through their writing, I am able to work towards achieving my goal.


Lilibeth Garcia — Social Media Manager:
I became a staff member at New University this past summer, and I was instantly inspired by all the hard work and passion students put into the newspaper. I enjoy being part of the team because everyone is so incredibly talented in their own way and I know their enthusiasm for journalism is going to continue to inspire me long after I graduate.


Katherine Rutz-Robbins — Photo Editor:

2018 is my first year as a staff member of New U and I am very excited to work with such a great team. I love taking photos and I love working with a team to complete a project, but what I love the most so far are the people that I get to work with.


Ashante Robinson — Photo Editor:

I just recently because a staff member for the New University this past spring. I’m excited to work for the paper because photography allows me to capture a moment in time and preserve it for years to come. Your photos tell stories about everything going on around you, and being a photographer for the New University allows me to do that for every student on this campus.


Waresa Hu — Graphic Design Manager:

I started out as a contributing writer for the New University my fall quarter of 2016 and became an official staff member fall quarter of 2018. The New University is an all-inclusive, friendly, and driven atmosphere. I love being surrounded by others who think creatively, challenge my ideas, and teach me to grow as an individual and a writer.


Alexis Cormier — Graphic Design Manager:

I became an official member of the New U this year as the Graphic Design Manager! However, I always enjoyed writing pieces for the paper whenever I could! As a Literary Journalism major, writing is one of my passions! Working for the New U is an amazing way for our student body to stay informed, be connected and use their voice.