Friday, July 30, 2021

Meet The Editors!

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Jane Hagen


I joined the New University as a contributing writer at the start of fall quarter 2017 as a freshman. I became a staff writer and later intern during the winter quarter of my first year, served as City News Editor the next year and served as Managing Editor last year. I have found my involvement in the New University to be a rewarding and fulfilling experience both intellectually and socially. I have always had an immense respect for news organizations, and I value their function in our society as sources of accurate and unbiased information. So I hope to contribute to creating a credible media by helping to cultivate the next generation of reporters. It is an honor to work with such a talented and hardworking group, and I look forward to continuing the goal of providing credible and objective news to UCI and beyond.

Chelsea Pan

Managing Editor

I first became a staff writer for the New University in winter quarter of 2018, and served as a City News Editor for two years before being appointed Managing Editor. The New University is a community bonded by creativity and expression, and it’s been an honor to work with such a passionate and dedicated editorial team. I value publishing honest, well researched content, and I hope to leave a legacy of the New University being a credible media source alongside larger publications.

Sydney Charles

Campus News Editor

I’ve been a part of the New University team since December 2017. I thoroughly enjoy working with the New University because it has helped me learn and appreciate the beauty of showcasing society’s diversity, including the challenges and differences therein. Reporting and writing gives me the opportunity to give back to the community in a tangible and meaningful way.

Tatum Larsen

Campus News Editor

My name is Tatum Larsen and I am stepping into my role as a campus news co-editor during my fourth year as a literary journalism major. In the past, I have interned for The New University and was a campus news reporter for KUCI. To act on my passion for producing stories pertaining to the Black community, I co-host the podcast Black Fam 2.5 and the UCI Humanities Department web series, The Welcome Table, with fellow campus news co-editor, Sydney Charles. Through my work, I hope to produce important stories regarding race, equity and inclusion.

Dhanika Pineda

Campus News Editor

I started working with the New University as a Campus/City News intern in Fall 2019, during my first quarter at UCI. Writing for the news sections gave me many opportunities to connect with student organizations, school faculty, and local businesses in Irvine, and helped me gain a better understanding of the city and campus I was starting my college career in. I am grateful to continue working with the newspaper as an editor, and cannot wait to see what new opportunities this school year brings!

Ian Anzolwar

City News Editor

A fourth year Literary Journalism student, I have been an active member of the New University for over a year, and am very excited to serve as one of the City News editors. In addition to writing for the New University, I write for the Santa Barbara Independent and I work as a student writer for UCI Media Services.

Alessandra Arif

City News Editor

I first joined the New University as a City News intern in January 2020, hoping to gain experience in journalism writing. Upon being accepted into a community of brilliant and inquisitive writers and editors, I not only became familiarized with the art of journalism, but also with the inner workings of Irvine itself. I am eager to contribute to the continued growth of our newspaper by providing accurate, unbiased information about our local area.

Danielle Dawson

City News Editor

I am a fourth-year majoring in Literary Journalism and Dance, with a minor in Political Science. I’ve been with the City News section since last fall, starting as an intern before becoming a staff writer and now City News Co-Editor. I’ve loved working with the New University because of the amazing environment it creates for growth for individuals, both as a writers and reporters. I look forward to working alongside the rest of our incredibly talented news team to cover topics in our community to help keep UCI students knowledgeable about what is going on in the world around them.

Christine Catlett

Arts & Entertainment Editor

This is my first year as Co-Editor of the Arts and Entertainment Section for The New University! I’ve written for UCI News while studying Literary Journalism and Art History here on campus. And now, I am so looking forward to writing and editing for this publication as well, all while working alongside such an incredible staff.

Rachel Golkin

Arts & Entertainment Editor

I first joined the New University team as a freshman in Fall Quarter of 2019. Since then, I've been consistently involved with the Arts & Entertainment section, serving as a contributing writer, an intern, and now as a Co-Editor! I'm a Drama major with a passion for writing and storytelling, and I love how this publication keeps me connected to the inspiring art surrounding UCI campus.

Jacquelyn Pash

Arts & Entertainment Editor

I joined the New University as an intern in the Spring of 2020 and I am very excited to be an Arts and Entertainment editor this upcoming school year. I’ve always been inspired by various forms of artistic expression and take great pride in running a section that covers such a wide array of creativity both at UCI and beyond.

Avi Gokool

Sports Editor

I'm a third year LJ major and I started as an intern during the winter quarter in my second year. This will be my first year as a sports editor. I've always loved basketball and was ecstatic to start writing about the UCI men's and women's basketball teams. I hope this year we could really show fans just how much our basketball team has grown and will be a serious threat during the March Madness tournament. I also hope to provide more coverage in UCI's esports teams.

Christopher Piazza

Sports Editor

I am a fourth year journalism major and sports fanatic. I started at the New University as a Sports intern in January 2020 covering UCI men’s volleyball and basketball before the world and sports came to a screeching halt in the spring. Although professional and some college sports have returned (with a different look, of course), the Big West Conference and UCI Athletics have postponed all competitions to at least 2021. As one of the sports editors, I will ensure that this section will expand its dynamic by producing content that will embody the greater UCI Athletic community from its student-athletes, staff and supporters.

Kaitlin Aquino

Opinion Editor

I wrote my first article for the New University as a spring 2019 intern and have since fearlessly climbed the ranks to be crowned Opinion Co-Editor for the 2020-2021 academic year. Jokes aside, I'm so grateful to be working on a team filled with so many skilled, high-caliber writers. I look forward to empowering the UCI student population with coverage and insight unique to our campus.

Jin Hee Park

Opinion Editor

I joined the New University in the Spring of 2019 as an intern and became one of the Opinion co-editors the following year. The New University has given me and many other students the opportunity to showcase the diverse voices of UCI. I hope to continue uplifting the stories and voices of my peers in my last year as a college student and Opinion co-editor!

Nicolas Perez

Opinion Editor

I first got involved with New University at the end of the 2019 school year as a contributing writer. This will be my second year as one of the Opinion editors and I couldn't be more excited to see where we go. I'm looking forward to New U getting expanding our news coverage, and oversharing my opinions online.

Michael Malinski

Copy Editor

I joined the New University in the Winter of 2019 as an intern and am excited to be a Copy Editor for this school year. I believe it is important to have news that reflects the interests of our community. I cannot wait to read and edit all the great stories from our student body!

Ryan Nguyen

Copy Editor

I joined the New University team during Fall Quarter 2018. I am excited to continue to provide news to the campus community through my passion of copy-editing! It is an honor to be part of a dedicated network of writers.

Christina Reyes

Photography Editor

I am going into my fourth year at UCI as a double major in literary journalism and English. This is my second year with the New University. Last year I was the sports editor and now I will be the acting photo editor for the 2020-2021 school year. I am very excited for this year despite the challenges we are facing with remote learning because the New University has brought me so many great opportunities and friendships in a short amount of time!

Amalia Navarro

Graphic Design Manager

I began my time at the New University by applying my freshman year to be a graphic design editor. I wanted to continue practicing my graphic design skills and create art during my college years, and I am delighted to be doing that through the New University Newspaper! I am excited to work with the other staff to bring stories and artwork forward for UCI to enjoy.

Yasmin Miranda

Social Media Manager

I joined the New University staff during the fall of 2020. As a Social Media Manager, my goal is to increase our readership and give people a platform to share their stories. I value the importance of journalism and its advocacy for the people. I am excited to work among talented student writers to showcase the voices in our communities and make sure those voices reach as many people as possible.

Sydney Huang

Graphic Design Manager

2020-21 will be my second year as a Graphic Design Manager for the New U. I am honored to continue working with this brilliant team to illustrate and share individual voices and stories. Working with New U has been an amazing opportunity and I look forward to seeing what this year will bring for the newspaper.

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