“Successful” is an understatement when describing Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar has released an unprecedented string of critically acclaimed films. The films don’t just satisfy those hard to please critics, but they are sure to keep kids of any age smiling. Matinee showings are filled with kids, but often midnight premieres are highlighted by their fair share of college students. It’s easy to get caught up in the originality of all these wonderful films and feel like a kid again, even if you came into the film with a kid of your own. The wit of Pixar movies makes them classic films in any sense, films that, unlike most animated movies, transcend the age barrier.

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Your 2009 Guide to Upcoming Entertainment Festivals

Spring is here, summer is quickly approaching, and soon we’ll all be baking in the sun. With everything so pleasant outside, these months beg for activity, activity that might be down a bit thanks to how easy it is these days to wrap yourself up in your little corner of the world. There are always things to do outside but sometimes it doesn’t seem worth it. But you’re an adventurous one, aren’t you? I can tell from the look in your eyes. Oh, and you like music, do you? Well, then you should be in luck.

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Vacant eyes. Eerie moans. Rotting flesh. Freshly reanimated corpses, even those of friends and loved ones, that adamantly refuse to die again. All this, plus an insatiable appetite … for us. These are some of the dreadful characteristics of the walking dead, more commonly referred to as zombies. However, in this turbulent and progressive world, where these so-called supernatural phenomena are all too often cast away, knowledge of the undead may be limited to what is seen in Hollywood horror flicks. Therefore, it is crucial that the general public has at least a rudimentary understanding of the truth behind zombies. Perhaps analyzing their origins, attributes and other features will teach individuals, proper preparation and survival techniques, giving them a fighting chance in a future outbreak. The next undead epidemic may arrive sooner than you anticipate!

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