Pixar Films: Anything but Robotic

For more than a decade, the folks at Pixar have provided the world with the finest family entertainment. However, the label “family entertainment” has turned many people away from the Pixar brand. Too often, people say that Pixar’s tales are only entertaining for children. There are also whispers that the latest Pixar film, “Wall-E,” is too serious and political, but these are probably the same people who put “The Lion King” in slow motion to find hidden sexual messages.

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“Wall-E” Reveals Humanity

Sometime in the near, but distant future, the Earth will be filled with trash and the waste built up over the years by humans and monopolizing companies. All human life has evacuated to a spaceship run by robots that excessively feed, entertain and think for them. Meanwhile, back on Earth, trash collectors are hard at work to rid the planet of all its garbage so that humans can return in a timely five years. Unfortunately, this supposed five-year plan has extended to 700 years, and while humans have long forgotten about life on Earth, all the trash collectors have rusted away or shut down, except for one.

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‘Racer’ Clogs Some Engines

“Speed Racer” comes across as candy for the senses. The constantly dynamic visuals are a rainbow-sherbet, hyper, pop-art assault on the eyes that is stunning and, at times, almost overwhelming. Unfortunately, much like candy, the rush starts strong yet ultimately leaves the viewer unsatisfied.

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