My two favorite college teams battle for my heart. Who wins?

There is nothing on this earth that can keep me at UC Irvine after I am done with classes on a Friday. I may have met the one and only exception to this on May 29, 2009. On this date, my hometown California State University, Fresno State Bulldogs took on my UCI Anteaters, in an NCAA Regional baseball game. I could not pass up the chance of a lifetime to see who would win out for my entire love in collegiate sports, even though the Lakers were playing for a chance to go to the NBA Finals. I felt as if I needed to make a decision once and for all. Do I go with past or present? I had some serious soul searching to do at Anteater Ballpark.

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Staff Farewell by Drew McCarroll

So after five long years, this is what it comes down to. I’ve got about two more weeks before I graduate, and find myself tossed into the post-graduate world. I have to say that I’ve had an eventful time here at Irvine. The school definitely lives up to its reputation, as the campus I leave behind looks quite different from the one I entered as a freshman. I like to think that I’ve had a pretty encompassing experience here. I’ve lived in Middle Earth, Campus Village, Vista Del Campo Norte, Stanford and was eventually forced to move back home for a year and taste commuter life, so I’ve encountered varied aspects of the school that many may never know.

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Build It and They Will Come. Well, I Went, I Watched and I Loved It

Whipping around the corner between the Mesa parking structure and Bren Events Center, my stumpy legs struggled to move as fast as I wanted them to. I was hustling. As I turned the corner, I spotted a sweatshirt bearing baby-blue and golden yellow: a Bruin fan. I huffed in disgust. Half because I was out of breadth from my journey across campus to the baseball field, and half because I hate seeing opposing colors on campus. Especially on a night like that.

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