Campus Safety Alert: Some Advice

It seems that nearly every first-year student coming to campus is aware of the dreaded “Freshman 15” — the fabled 15-pound weight gain caused by a diet of Ramen Noodles and Easy Mac. Unfortunately, there is one other lesser known statistic that can have a huge impact on students’ lives: 20-25 percent of college women experience attempted or completed rape during their college career.

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“Successful” is an understatement when describing Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar has released an unprecedented string of critically acclaimed films. The films don’t just satisfy those hard to please critics, but they are sure to keep kids of any age smiling. Matinee showings are filled with kids, but often midnight premieres are highlighted by their fair share of college students. It’s easy to get caught up in the originality of all these wonderful films and feel like a kid again, even if you came into the film with a kid of your own. The wit of Pixar movies makes them classic films in any sense, films that, unlike most animated movies, transcend the age barrier.

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More Time for Busy

Six demanding UC Irvine organizations, 16-plus units and co-founding a Web site for Bruno is nothing. Some might call it overly ambitious, while others a little absurd. But Bruno doesn’t care; he only wishes he could do more.

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