The Only Reason Why I Wake up Before 10 a.m. on a Sunday Morning

Many of you are well into your fantasy football season this year and your optimism is extremely high. You might be dominating your league because of your amazing draft or because of the sleepers that you have picked up. Even if you’re not doing so well, there is enough time in the season to make a comeback. I warn you, however, that the sunny days will not always be there for you. Fantasy football has the ability to consume you and take over your life and your mind.

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Imagineers Help Mickey Go Green: D23 Expo Shows Disney’s Progress

In the heart of Anaheim, next door to Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland, the inaugural D23 Expo opened its doors to adoring Disney fans. Early this month, this four-day spectacular featured exclusive presentations from Disney visionaries, sneak peeks at unreleased movies and ABC television shows, first glimpses of changes coming to Disney parks around the world, and so much more.

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Toronto Dreams: Iranian Artists Aim to Debut their Art at Film Festival

When I found out about a Persian film festival in Toronto dedicated to young filmmakers exclusively from Iran, I immediately packed my bags and bought tickets with money from my savings. My aspirations for making films in Iran after college drew me to this festival, especially given that the judges were some prominent filmmakers flying in from Tehran. However, hours before my flight was set to depart, I was informed by Shahrokh Bahrololumi, the organizer of the festival, that the festival was postponed.

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The Startling Truth Behind Facebook Quizzes: What You Don’t Know Others Know About You

Dear Facebook friends: please don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like there’s something that you should know.

I’m glad that you resemble Meredith Grey out of all of the “Grey’s Anatomy” characters, and it’s nice to know that one of the five items you would wield during a zombie attack is a lightsaber, but I’m not interested in taking that quiz or “choosing my own five.”

I don’t want to join your Mafia War, nor do I care that you are “movin’ on up in FarmVille!” I hope my lack of cooperation doesn’t affect our online or in-person relationship.

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Sups Presh: Abbreviated Attention

An increasingly common situation has been hitting our country, which has caused confusion and controversy. This occurrence, known as abbreviations or “abbreves,” has taken a firm hold on our captive, young pop culture generation.

I bore witness to this strange, new phenomenon while watching a commercial for a show on MTV in which a young and possibly inebriated man attempted to explain a vernacular based on abbreviated words. He slurred through his elucidation of the meaning of “dece” and “obvi” as merely shortened expressions of “decent” and “obvious.”

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Time To Toss Out The Notebook?

You show up to the first day of class ready to tackle the new school year. As your professor begins to lecture, you suddenly realize that you are still in summer mode. You find that you can’t focus enough to take quality notes and can barely understand what is going on. However, if you have a voice recorder and around $9.95 to spend on each hour of class, you may not have to stay in the dark.

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Reading Dirty, An Intellectual Right

Occasionally, I cheer myself up by going to the American Library Association’s Web page to remind myself that this national librarians’ organization has an “Office for Intellectual Freedom.” Along with my union and hundreds of citizen activist groups, librarians from around the country, including here at UC Irvine, organized an annual collective warning and intellectual love-in. We hope to remind everyone that the power of silly people to misunderstand and miss the point can easily be challenged by honest, free supporters of our shared basic American right to read. And to read whatever we like, thank you very much!

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