Nicknames, Costumes, and Being in Their Shoes for a Day

Many of us envy the fame and appeal of celebrities; the star treatment, the notoriety, and the fans. If we don’t envy, many of us are intrigued by the attention and support they receive. Then, one night every year most of us dress up as these “stars” for fun and for show. While many argue that Halloween is a get out of jail free card for girls to dress slutty, it offers us an opportunity to get the same attention as those who we dress up as. For one night, we are in their shoes.

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Butterfinger Lovers Beware

Besides ghosts, goblins and evil witches, Halloween is the time for kids to rot their teeth out and satisfy their ultimate sugar rush. When I was a child, my parents would always triple-check the candy that I had collected in my trick-or-treat bag to make sure that some creepy person didn’t poison me.

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