Sci-Fi Junkies: Put Your Past Loyalties Aside and Take a Fresh Perspective

Shapan: Getting excited about a movie is fun. A lot of people hate being late for movies not because they missed that critical first five minutes of the movie, but because they missed the trailers. Trailers are like Christmas gifts you can tuck under a tree. You might have an idea of what it is, but you’ll never know for sure. Isn’t that exciting? And isn’t that excitement refreshing?

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Titus Andronicus

On Halloween, the UC Irvine Drama Department showed how it celebrates the holiday. There was no candy or “monster mash” to be found, but blood was definitely present in the department’s Oct. 31 production of “Titus Andronicus.”

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Saw V: More Blood, Guts, and Horror

Jigsaw has returned with yet another disciple ready to take on his work in the much-anticipated fifth installment of the “Saw” series, “Saw V.” Like clockwork, Lionsgate releases a new “Saw” movie every Halloween, and diehard fans have come to anticipate a new effort every October.

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