UCI Dining Geared for Growth

College campuses are filled with hungry students craving delicious, affordable food. Luckily, UCI Hospitality and Dining Services are more than ready to meet that need. While most students were away during the summer, several important dining changes took place on campus. The most obvious is the addition of Panda Express, Jamba Juice and Wahoo’s Fish Taco in the Student Center. Wahoo’s is still under construction with a grand opening on Oct. 12.

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Reading Dirty, An Intellectual Right

Occasionally, I cheer myself up by going to the American Library Association’s Web page to remind myself that this national librarians’ organization has an “Office for Intellectual Freedom.” Along with my union and hundreds of citizen activist groups, librarians from around the country, including here at UC Irvine, organized an annual collective warning and intellectual love-in. We hope to remind everyone that the power of silly people to misunderstand and miss the point can easily be challenged by honest, free supporters of our shared basic American right to read. And to read whatever we like, thank you very much!

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My two favorite college teams battle for my heart. Who wins?

There is nothing on this earth that can keep me at UC Irvine after I am done with classes on a Friday. I may have met the one and only exception to this on May 29, 2009. On this date, my hometown California State University, Fresno State Bulldogs took on my UCI Anteaters, in an NCAA Regional baseball game. I could not pass up the chance of a lifetime to see who would win out for my entire love in collegiate sports, even though the Lakers were playing for a chance to go to the NBA Finals. I felt as if I needed to make a decision once and for all. Do I go with past or present? I had some serious soul searching to do at Anteater Ballpark.

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