Transportation’s System Failure

It seems as if now, more than any other time in recent history, being a student is particularly difficult. As a class, we have no choice but to bear the consequences of the mistakes of our predecessors, shoulder the debt they’ve racked up and deal with an economy that is about as worn out as Amy Winehouse’s hairpiece. While a lagging job market waits at the end of our education, the massive cuts in the educational system impair the very generation meant to absolve the debt and revive the economy.

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ACORN: A Rotten Nut Gets Caught

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is a community organization that was created to help low to moderate income households by providing housing aid and by boosting political involvement among these groups. It is now under scrutiny after being accused of questionable behavior involving child prostitution, political corruption, tax evasion and human trafficking.

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Pakistan’s Art Scene

Pakistan doesn’t have much cultural currency in the West. When most Americans think of the culture of the Indian subcontinent they think of India. America is missing out on sophisticated and enjoyable works of art. Pakistan’s exportable cultural output is a mixed bag; gems are buried underneath pathetic attempts to copy Indian and/or American artists. Thanks to religious fanaticism and financial issues, Pakistani culture is sliding down the slippery slope to destruction. The country isn’t completely devoid of an art scene, but it is, unfortunately, a very small scene. Can it survive as the country inches further away from stability everyday?

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