Pakistan’s Art Scene

Pakistan doesn’t have much cultural currency in the West. When most Americans think of the culture of the Indian subcontinent they think of India. America is missing out on sophisticated and enjoyable works of art. Pakistan’s exportable cultural output is a mixed bag; gems are buried underneath pathetic attempts to copy Indian and/or American artists. Thanks to religious fanaticism and financial issues, Pakistani culture is sliding down the slippery slope to destruction. The country isn’t completely devoid of an art scene, but it is, unfortunately, a very small scene. Can it survive as the country inches further away from stability everyday?

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Sups Presh: Abbreviated Attention

An increasingly common situation has been hitting our country, which has caused confusion and controversy. This occurrence, known as abbreviations or “abbreves,” has taken a firm hold on our captive, young pop culture generation.

I bore witness to this strange, new phenomenon while watching a commercial for a show on MTV in which a young and possibly inebriated man attempted to explain a vernacular based on abbreviated words. He slurred through his elucidation of the meaning of “dece” and “obvi” as merely shortened expressions of “decent” and “obvious.”

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Staff Farewell by Drew McCarroll

So after five long years, this is what it comes down to. I’ve got about two more weeks before I graduate, and find myself tossed into the post-graduate world. I have to say that I’ve had an eventful time here at Irvine. The school definitely lives up to its reputation, as the campus I leave behind looks quite different from the one I entered as a freshman. I like to think that I’ve had a pretty encompassing experience here. I’ve lived in Middle Earth, Campus Village, Vista Del Campo Norte, Stanford and was eventually forced to move back home for a year and taste commuter life, so I’ve encountered varied aspects of the school that many may never know.

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10th week is a busy week for arts on campus

So, this is the last week of the last school quarter — oh, I can already taste the sweet summer freedom — and though many students are deluged with papers and finals, many other students plan to drift aimlessly through this week. Instead of getting intoxicated and watching hours of YouTube videos, why not check out some of the events that UC Irvine’s art departments have to offer?

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