UCI Dining Geared for Growth

College campuses are filled with hungry students craving delicious, affordable food. Luckily, UCI Hospitality and Dining Services are more than ready to meet that need. While most students were away during the summer, several important dining changes took place on campus. The most obvious is the addition of Panda Express, Jamba Juice and Wahoo’s Fish Taco in the Student Center. Wahoo’s is still under construction with a grand opening on Oct. 12.

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Toronto Dreams: Iranian Artists Aim to Debut their Art at Film Festival

When I found out about a Persian film festival in Toronto dedicated to young filmmakers exclusively from Iran, I immediately packed my bags and bought tickets with money from my savings. My aspirations for making films in Iran after college drew me to this festival, especially given that the judges were some prominent filmmakers flying in from Tehran. However, hours before my flight was set to depart, I was informed by Shahrokh Bahrololumi, the organizer of the festival, that the festival was postponed.

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A New Year, A New Season, Another Chance for Glory. ‘Eaters Ready to Go

When I came to UC Irvine in the fall of 2006, I was not expecting much school spirit for athletic programs. I was not attending a school like UCLA or USC where it is customary to paint your face and tailgate before football games.

However, I acquired a certain love for UCI athletics during my freshman year when I would walk to the men’s basketball games at the Bren Events Center from my dorm in Mesa Court. I usually attended the games just to relax and talk to some friends. Every game would go down to the final minute, so there was always a reason to stay and watch.

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The Startling Truth Behind Facebook Quizzes: What You Don’t Know Others Know About You

Dear Facebook friends: please don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like there’s something that you should know.

I’m glad that you resemble Meredith Grey out of all of the “Grey’s Anatomy” characters, and it’s nice to know that one of the five items you would wield during a zombie attack is a lightsaber, but I’m not interested in taking that quiz or “choosing my own five.”

I don’t want to join your Mafia War, nor do I care that you are “movin’ on up in FarmVille!” I hope my lack of cooperation doesn’t affect our online or in-person relationship.

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